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Welcome to! You can email your questions directly to the AdviceLady and once a week she will post the most interesting inquiries on the site.  

Just who is AdviceLady?  She's the queen of proper etiquette and has an opinion on all that she surveys. AdviceLady is hip and cool!

She's been around the block a few times, but she's none the worse for the wear. 
AdviceLady won't tell us her age.  We only know she's 39 and holding!  In the cartoon world that's really possible...lucky her!

AdviceLady is a career woman who values family and has a real knack for having fun.  You'll love checking in on her, and she's always glad to see you.  Thanks for dropping by!

Welcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!

Remember that the names and places will be changed for the sake of everyone's privacy.  No email addresses will be given or sold to any outside sources.  This site is provided for entertainment purposes only, so don't take the AdviceLady seriously.  She is just a cartoon looking to have some fun!  Kids, please ask your parents for advice.  They know you better than the AdviceLady. 

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